Office Party Gift Ideas from Cornitos

Cornitos has a range of healthy and tasty snacking options that you can gift to your colleague. Some of the Office Party Gift Ideas are given below -


The newly launched Cornitos Crusties takes healthy snacking to the next level as it has a mix of Indian as well as International flavours. This zig zagged shaped snack bite is a must have in your office bag. As you can enjoy a chaat flavoured Chana Crusties Dilli Chaat, or dig into Chana Crusties Cheesy Garlic. You can also munch on Potato Crusties Peri Peri, or pick a fan favourite Potato Crusties Italian Cheese. So Cornitos Crusties Baked Snacks - Assorted Pack of 6 can be an ideal Office Party Gift

Corn Nuts

Corn Nuts is a crunchy and healthy snack that has been loved by consumers as it can be eaten guilt free. This has the goodness of corn kernels and as it comes in a resealable pack it can be kept on your office desk to share with your colleagues as well! The Corn Nuts are available in Spanish Tomato, Lemon Chili Cilantro and Cheesy Jalapeno flavours! You can choose from different options available of Roasted Flavored Corn Nuts on Cornitos Online Shop

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