About Us

With our determination to revolutionize the snacking category, Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. (GHFPL) embarked on its journey in 2009, to launch Nacho Crisps for the first time in India under the brand name Cornitos. The brand set its sail to bridge the gap between healthy and delicious snacking. Over the years, the brand has forayed into various other categories like Nuts & Seeds, Tortilla Wraps, Taco Shells, DIY Kits, Dips and other gourmet delights- ensuring premium quality in its entire range. Since its inception, Cornitos has been an irresistible favourite in its category, both in India and in international markets.

GHFPL commences 2022 with a novel food product expanding its range to a greater target audience with its motto to make snacking ‘Guilt-Free’. With its funky zigzag shape and zesty flavours, Cornitos introduces to you “CRUSTIES”-a baked range of extruded snacks. CRUSTIES comes with three main variants, Bean, Chickpeas, and Potato, adding a snacky spin to your household staples. Savoury and crunchy, CRUSTIES are baked, not fried, and is just what you need for a happy and guilt-free Crustying, any time of the day!

Since inception, Cornitos has been an irresistible favourite in its category both in India as well as international markets like Canada, UK, Australia, Russia, Middle East and South East Asia. Thereby making its presence felt in all leading retail stores as well as HORECA & Aviation sector. 

With a mission to add value to the Indian FMCG market, GHFPL seeks to create a benchmark in the branded food category by delivering innovative products in distinct flavours under its brand Cornitos. Over the years, the brand has forayed into various other categories like Nuts & Seeds, Tortilla Wraps, Taco Shells, Dips and various other Mexican gourmet delights made with premium quality ingredients and has become one of the endearing brands in the category.

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GHFPL ultramodern processing unit is equipped with fully automated, state-of-the-art machinery. Our processing techniques honours our commitment to provide superior quality products to our patrons. Our processing unit is driven by a team of committed professionals who follow stringent measures to avoid any compromise with the quality of products. GHFPL honours quality in every aspect of its profession and business. 

Manufacturing is done in environmental friendly premises and hygienic conditions at a facility located in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. The manufacturing facility is fully-sanitized as per the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines issued by FSSAI. All working manpower goes through mandatory sanitization procedures like thermal scanning, hand wash, sterilization of hands, wearing cap, apron, hand gloves & separate footwear before entering production area. The process line is cleaned and fully sanitized and the production begins only after quality inspection and line clearance by the Quality Department.

The products remain untouched by hand right from lime treatment to packaging. The entire production process is automated and controlled through computerized machines. Our manufacturing unit boasts of an expert R&D Lab for product innovation and development. A team of well-qualified and experienced nutritionists and quality control experts ensure that food safety standards are made and nothing but the best reaches the table of our patrons.