Father’s Day – Gift Ideas from Cornitos

On Father’s Day we can enjoy snacking and brunching together with healthy options from Cornitos. Here are some great gifts to celebrate the person who has spent his life making a secure future for you –


Take your Father’s Day celebrations up a notch by gifting Cornitos CRUSTIES to him. It is Flavourful, Nutritious, Gluten and Cholesterol free, Baked Snack. Cornitos Crusties is a range of healthy snacks made from natural ingredients like Chana, Rajma and Potatoes. Cornitos CRUSTIES are available in a range of flavours right from Sunday meal reminiscences – Rajma Crusties King Curry, Rajma Crusties Lemon Chili to chaat specials – Chana Crusties Dilli Chaat, to an innovative Chana Crusties Cheesy Garlic. For the ones who love to snack on international flavours – Potato Crusties Peri Peri and Potato Crusties Italian Cheese is for them to enjoy. https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/cornitos-crusties


We all have learnt the secret of success from our fathers. It comes with eating the right food at the right time. Starting our morning with a handful of nuts and snacking on them throughout the day. Cornitos Nuts and Seeds range combines nuts with flavours that would leave us craving for more like barbeque roasted almonds, pepper and herb roasted cashews and many others! https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/nuts-seeds


Cornitos Nachos Crisps are the life of any party. These crunchy nachos crisps are crunchy, zingy and zesty. Hence making them the perfect pick of the season along with a chunky salsa dip that increases picquancy with every bite! https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/nacho-crisps

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