Nachos Mille Feuille


1 Pack - Cornitos Tomato Mexicana Nachos Crisps
1 - Sliced Kiwi
1 - Banana
80g - Cherries
50g - Whipped Cream
50g - Melted Chocolate
10g - Cocoa Powder
5g - Colourful Fennel seeds
10g - Grated Coconut Powder


  • Arrange Cornitos Tomato Mexicana Nachos Crisps on a platter
  • Now cut the banana and put on top of Nachos along with sliced kiwi
  • Top it with cream, melted chocolate and repeat it layer-wise
  • Decorate with colorful fennel seeds and cherry after the fourth layer
  • Serve it cold after refrigerating for 10 minutes.
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