Cornitos CRUSTIES Coming Soon

Cornitos going to launch baked snacks in six variants - CRUSTIES, new member in Cornitos healthy snacking assortment. A crunchy snack full of natural ingredients with no compromise in its flavour profile perfect for all your snacking needs. We bring in a new experience by giving CRUSTIES a zig zag shape. When you are in the mood for some munching, but also looking for a healthy option, you can’t go wrong with Cornitos CRUSTIES Snacks. The funky zigzag shape and the zesty flavours that are just right for happy and guilt-free Crustying, any time of the day!

  • Crunchy, Crispy and Delicious
  • Baked not fried - Zero Cholesterol, Zero trans fat
  • With Goodness of Natural Ingredients
  • Source of Protein
  • Gluten free Healthy Snack
  • Seasoned with Healthy Corn Oil

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